As a local eatery that are passionate about our community we like to support all their ventures. We want to create a standing agenda for each day of the week, celebrating all our local talent in various events. For starters, we chose a special event for certain days, continuing throughout the year.
Daily events throughout the year
1. Sunday: Family day with a buffet, catering for all food tastes and choices. Food prepared, deliciously, by our staff as on every other day. A local DJ will play melodies to enhance the enjoyment of our dishes even more.
$35.00 per person eating the buffet, Children under 12 years eat for free.
2. Monday: On every first Monday of the month, we will start an art exhibition of one of our local artists. This will include all art forms through the year. Each exhibition will run from the first Monday to the last Saturday of each month.
10% of all the income from the exhibition will go to an animal shelter
3. Tuesday: Quiz night! Each Tuesday a topic for the next quiz night will be given. This Tuesday we will quiz on local cuisine. Everybody of any age can enter. Quiz will start at 19h00.
$1.00 Entry fee per contestant will be asked. The winner will receive entry fees as prize.
4. Wednesday: Every second Wednesday morning of each month we will be showing the fashion style of our local designers. Show will start at 11h00.
$10 00 entry fee will be charged.
5. Thursday: Wine tasting. We will be trying Local and foreign wines. Tasting will be on every last Thursday of the month at 19h00.
$15.00 entry fee for the wine tasting will be charged.
6. Friday: Live music through the whole day. Only local bands and artists will be performing on Friday, to promote local talent.

7. Saturday: Party night. Live music performed by local or out of region bands and artists. Come join us from 14h00 each Saturday.
Changes in any of the events will be published in our local paper. Also look out for more planned events. For example, a Craft market celebrating spring, Easter, Christmas and more. All events will be published locally in the paper as well on the radio. Come join us any time for excellent food and entertaining events.