The flower boxes full of colourful Geraniums will catch your eye, when you reach the corner of Giles and Kennedy Street in Kingston, Canberra. The name board will remind you of the 1920’s, when this building opened its doors for the first time. Behind the pretty flower boxes you will find the “Me & Mrs. Jones” eatery.

The “Me & Mrs. Jones” eatery have a fantastic thing going on with the patrons of Kingston. Some of the older generations’ visitors will immediately make the connection to the 1972 number-one single, recorded by Billy Paul. When dining there, you will hear this song every now and again.
The interior is decorated to create a sense of warmth and mystique, complimenting the intrigue between the lovers of the song. In the middle of the main dining room, an enormous clock, originally from a train station in Czechoslovakia, reign supreme. The original architecture has been restored to show the exposed brick wall with a large crack zigzagging from top to bottom. Wooden flooring and old metal lights creates a wonderful nostalgic feeling.
A lot of thought went into the menu at “Me & Mrs. Jones”, and they offer a wide variety of dishes that will have your taste buds dancing. They also cater for vegetarians, offering an array of well thought out dishes to choose from. Most of the dishes on their menu can be ordered in gluten free and dairy free versions.
All the food and dessert dishes are beautifully presented in a relaxed, cosy atmosphere. You will have a choice of dining inside or outdoors. Come try it.