What To Note When Selecting Lawn Bowl Shoes

Selecting lawn bowl shoes is a sensitive issue, meaning you need to consider many factors while in the process.

Over 35 different models of the bowls are available with a different bias. They are available in four weights, which are: medium, medium heavy, heavy and extra heavy in an array of colors and more than six types of grips.

In this article, we will answer different questions, which can help in making informed choices about the best set of lawn bowl shoes that will suit you.

Factors to consider when selecting lawn bowl shoes that last a long time.

  1. Size

Size is the most crucial aspect to consider when picking the bowls. To determine the size that will fit, you need to wrap your hands around the broadest surface of the shoe such that your thumbs touch at the bottom to form a circle around the shoe.  The right size is the one that you can leave a little gap at the top of the shoe.

You can also hold the bowl in front of your stretched arm for about 30 seconds. If you maintain a comfortable grip, then the shoes are of the right size for you. However, if you feel some pain or you start shaking, then the shoe may be oversized for you.

  1. Weight

The bowls have a number and letter on the sides which indicate its weight. For instance, a 3M bowl is a size three bowl of medium weight, and a 2H bowl is a size two bowl of heavyweight.

The weight of a bowl determines what will happen during a bowls match. A more massive bowl will knock out a medium bowl, and this is the main reason why more massive bowls are a recommendation.

  1. Colour

Lawn bowl shoes were initially brown because they were made from hard lignum wood. Later, black composition bowls were introduced. Nowadays, you will get the lawn bowl shoes in a wide variety of colors and patterns, hence capable of choosing the best one for you.

  1. Grips

Various types of grip exist depending on the manufacturer and model of the shoes. We have deep dimple grip, crescent grooves, vertical grooves, and the shallow dimple.

Grips allow for better controls or a more secure grip in cold and wet conditions. Grips are vital if you like bowling outdoors. You need to try different types of grips before making a decision.

If you are a member of a bowls club, you need to ask your fellow members to have a roll-up with their bowls for a better idea of comfort and suitability to your bowling style.

  1. Bias

Choosing the bias depends on whether you bowl outdoors or indoors.  The position you play in pairs or rinks also determines the type of bias. Narrow bias bowls are an excellent choice for indoor bowlers while wider bias bowls will meet the needs of an outdoor bowler.

It is advisable for beginners of the game to start with narrower to medium bias as they may be required to play at position one or two where you need to place your bowl closest to the jack.

  1. Cost

Beginners have to buy a second-hand set of lawn bowl shoes which cost less than new sets unless they are sure of what they want to buy. Purchases can be made via bowls retailers and club noticeboard.

The brand of the lawn bowl shoes is a less critical factor in making choices. This is because all are of good quality.


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